Q1:How can I become a contributor?

you can register from here It is completely free for registration.

Q2:Is there any images can’t be sold at Photo-Basket?

Yes. Photo-Basket reviews every submitted images and if any of them are not appropriate
(pornography ,gory,copyright etc…).

Q3:What is a royalty free ?

Royalty free is the permission to use the image without restriction to size, circulation, media and the like.  It covers most uses our customers have.
Please make sure if you post a picture of copyright, trade name, trademark, or service mark of any person/entity ,they need to be permitted to sell the images here . 
you can download documents.



Q4:How long does it take for content to be reviewed

 It will take 2 days to 10 days

Q5:Can I sell images shot with mobile phones?

Yes. Photo-Basket accept images shot with mobile phones including smartphones.

Q6:Can I sell images that are already selling at other stock photo agencies?

Yes. you can sell images that are already selling at other stock photo agencies.
Basically you are allowed to sell your images at Photo-Basket and other places.
However, please make sure that there is no problem  with selling those images at Photo-Basket regarding the terms and conditions of the other agencies.

Q7:How can I find out which content has been downloaded?

You can find all your downloads at  “Order History” as soon as it happens. You can also receive an email when your file(s) purchased.

Q8:How will I get paid?

We make a payment by Paypal .Our default minimum payout is $10. 
Please make  sure to register email for paypal.

Q9:Which currency do you use?

We only accept payment in US Dollars. 


Digital products can’t usually be returned, as they are downloadable.

Q11:Will my earned credits be subject to withholding tax.

Yes. Your earnings derived from selling contents may be subject to withholding tax.
The provision is different depending on each tax convention, so we recommend you to contact your legal and/or tax advisor if you have any question.

Q12:What is a release?

A release is a contractual agreement that provides certain legal protections to the photographer or videographer and the customers who license those images. The most common types of releases are model and property releases. Model releases govern how an image featuring a recognizable individual may be used. Property releases govern how an image taken on private property may be used.
If content depicts an identifiable person, you should obtain a valid model release to use the content commercially. Likewise, if you are shooting on private property, or shooting private property which is distinctive from a public place, be sure to obtain a property release from an authorized representative of the property. 
Please send document with products to info@photo-basket.com



Q13:How can I withdraw from membership?

you can contact us